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Kearney, Michael R.

2023-01 Outlook January February Digital Volume 73 Issue 1

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The Treasure  3 
Mr. Cornelius Van Kempen

Invincible Redeemer (4)  5
Rev. Peter H. Holtvluwer

Themes in James: Oaths and Instructions for the Suffering and Ill  8
Mr. Gerry Wisz.

Totally Not Awesome: The Search for Humility (1)  10
Mrs. Vanessa Le 

Read Your Bible  13
Mrs. Annemarieke Ryskamp

“Let Us Go to This Fountain”: The Consolation of the Sick  15
Mr. Michael Kearney 

Tell It on the Mountains  18
Mrs. Hope Staal

A Radical Failure to Encourage the Magistrate  20
Rev. Doug Barnes

The Church Order Articles 3 and 4  23
Rev. Greg Lubbers

The Value of Church History  26
Rev. Eric Van Der Molen

Three Lessons from the Puritans  29
Dr Joel Beeke

How to Help Hurting Friends  33
Rev. William Boekestein

Book Review  36
Mrs. Annemarieke Ryskamp 
Review of the book I Belong; Heidelberg Catechism Question and Answer 1 for Children. Written by Joyce Holstege, illustrated by Meagan Krosschell

Did You Know?  38
A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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