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Kearney, Michael R.

2024-03 Outlook May June Digital Volume 74 Issue 3

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The Eternal Purpose of Christ Ascension
Mr. Cornelius Van Kempen  3

Jesus Christ: God’s Son, Our Elder Brother, and Our Lord (3)
Rev. George van Popta  4

Something My Dad Could Teach You
Rev. Wes Bredenhof  6

The Task of Re-Membering Reformed Fellowship
Dr. Michael R. Kearney  8

Marriage as Mirror (12)
Rev. Peter H. Holtvlüwer  12

Talk to Yourself
Mrs. Annemarieke Ryskamp  14

Stubborn Traditions
Mrs. Elisabeth Bloechl  17

Mrs. Ryskamp  19

Why You Need a Suffering Savior
Rev. William Boekestein  20

Why Did Christ Have to Suffer Death? 
Rev. William Boekestein  22

Church Order Articles 19 and 20
Rev. Greg Lubbers  24

Prayer Requests  26

Help Grieving People
Rev. Joel Beeke  27

The Good Portion 
Rev. Steve Swets  29

Recovering the Totality of the Gospel
Rev. Steven R. Martins   33

Book Review
Rev. Jerome Julien  36

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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