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    *Excludes the Life in Christ catechism series.

Author Guidelines

Book Author Guidelines

The missional goal of Reformed Fellowship, Inc. is to publish resources that feed one's soul with the Word of God, thus fostering personal growth and godliness in the lives of God's people.  We expect that these resources will reflect biblical accuracy and meaningfully interact with the Scriptures in a warm, friendly, respectful, and positive manner.  Our target audience includes seekers, new Christians, and mature readers.  The books we publish include devotionals, Bible studies and Bible reference materials, spiritual and personal growth books, as well as those that address contemporary issues from a Christian point of view. 


The submission process:

Step 1:  Submission of a Query Proposal 

  • Identify yourself with biographical information, incuding contact information, your past and present positions, educational background, your qualifications for writing on the topic of the book, etc.  Also attach a list of your previous publications including sales and readership figures.
  • Indicate your manuscript's title, a summary of the ideas you expect to write about, the anticipated length of the book (word count), a tentative table of contents with possible chapter summaries, or detailed outlines therof.  If you have already begun writing, please submit an introduction and two or three chapters along with a summary of each of the remaining chapters for review by the manuscript committee.  Also indicate the anticipated completion date for your manuscript.
  • Explain whom you expect your audience to be and how the information contained in the book will meet their felt needs.
  • If you are aware of competing books on the same topic, list several titles and describe how/why your book will be different and/or better.  

Step 2: Provide an Author Platform 

  • Describe several concrete ways indicating how you, as author, would help promote your book. Examples include speaking engagements, blog posts, networks, ministries, specific contacts, outlets, etc. 
  • Provide the names of 3-5 influential people who might be willing to provide a written endorsement of this book because of your relationship with them.
  • Provide the names of 10-20 people with a platform to whom we might send review copies of the book in exchange for a fair published review of the book. 

Step 3: Review by the Manuscript Committee 

  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for an initial review by the Manuscript Committee. If the committee is favorable, there will be a second evaluation by additional readers. The determination to recommend or reject printing will then be made to the board. 
  • Upon acceptance by the board, a contract will be issued that clearly defines the publishing arrangements. Said arrangements will include deadlines, necessary costs of publishing, promotion of the book, author responsibilities, payment of royalties, etc. 


Outlook Writers

Articles to be considered for publication must not have been published previously in another publication where a copyright is involved. 

Articles that are submitted should not promote ideas that conflict with traditional Reformed beliefs or are directly critical of another Christian faith or person. 

Reformed Fellowship, Inc. prefers that articles be submitted in a MS Word document and that said documents be no more than 2300 words.

All articles accepted for printing will become the property of Reformed Fellowship, Inc. and may not be reprinted in any fashion without prior written permission from Reformed Fellowship, Inc. 

All articles are to be submitted two months in advance of the next issue of The Outlook and should include a one or two-line synopsis of each. 

Reformed Fellowship, Inc. reserves the right for the editor to publish an accepted article in an issue of his/her choosing. 

To give proper author acknowledgement, Reformed Fellowship requests a personal bio be included along with the submitted article.  Said bios should include your name, position, church, and e-mail. 

Authors are requested to provide a current mailing address along with the article so that remuneration for article can be made after the article has been published.