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The Parables of Our Lord

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This 16 lesson study guide includes discussions on all of the more well-known and well-loved parables told by our Lord, such as “The Parable of the Sower,” “The Wise and Foolish Virgins,” and “The Prodigal Son;” and it also includes discussions on some of our Lord's parables which are perhaps not so well-known and not so well understood, such as “The Parable of the Seed Growing in Secret,” “The Unrighteous Steward,” and “The Unclean Spirit.”

The introductory lesson of this study is, in essence, a primer on Reformed hermeneutics, how the parables can be properly interpreted and applied to our day and age.
 This lesson itself is worth the cost of the book.

The Parables of Our Lord would make an excellent study guide for any age group in the church, from high school on up, who seeks to better understand the main point of these masterful stories told by our Lord.

Reviewed by Rev. Ed Marcusse

Paperback, 66 pages 


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Author: Rev. Henry Vander Kam
Type: Books - Paperback

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