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Mental Health & Soul Care - Considered Biblically, Pastorally, & Practically

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This compilation of essays by various authors – theologians, pastors, counsellors, and laypersons – originated at two conferences in Jordan, Ontario in 2022. Reformed Fellowship is very glad to now make this material accessible in written form.

Speaking often from first-hand experience, the authors address a variety of issues and collectively call for a Biblically holistic approach to body and soul in relationship to mental health. This will make an invaluable resource for all seeking a better understanding of what the Bible has to say on this timely topic.

"If you have ever experienced hopelessness in the pit of despair or if you love someone struggling in that pit, this book is a balm for your weary soul."

 - Terri Pols, Christian counsellor

"Heartfelt thanks to the editors of this collection for providing help in understanding mental illness, in equipping to minister to those struggling with mental illness, and in generating discussions on mental illness in the local church community."

 - Dr. Tom J. Karel, Psychiatrist 

 I am so glad I read this book. It clarified my thinking and helped me understand situations in my own life experience. Highly recommend!

 - Sandy Veurink, editor, wife & mother


Table of Contents:

A Biblical Theology of Sickness
Dr. Brian G. Najapfour

Post-Covid Effects on Mental Health
Dr. Mark Kelderman

Christian Wholeness
Dr. Mark Kelderman

Depression: A Historical & Biblical Outlook
Dr. Brian G. Najapfour

Casting a Light on Depression
Rev. Jeremy Dykman

Overcoming Anxiety
Mr. Glen Slingerland

Rev. Bartel Elshout

Understanding Bipolar Depression
Rev. Pieter VanderMeyden

Helping Women Through Mental Health Challenges
Ms. Lynn Murray

Helping Your Child Deal With Fear & Anxiety
Mrs. Sarah J. Najapfour

Seeing Your Mental Health Struggle as a Divine Gift
Mr. Michael Short

My Mental Health Journey: Anxiety, Depression, & PTSD
Mr. Michael Brouwer

Walking Alongside Someone With Anxiety or Depression
Mr. Glen Slingerland


Paperback, 284 Pages
5.25 x 7.25"


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Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Books - Paperback

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Albert Vanderheide
Rich resource for Mental Health caregivers and 'bystanders'

Ugh! 'Bystanders'? Why that? That's how it felt for a long time while living next to a family member who struggled with mental health for over 50 years. The specialists concerned themselves with the patient and frequently failed to involve family members. Their ability to offer the loved support so much depends on family members coping well. This book goes a very long way to offer a range of insight, advice and so importantly spiritual help, even when you and this resource are alone to ponder the questions that follow each chapter. Thank the Lord for those who perceived the need for the 2022 conference, for the need for this book and for editing the papers for publication.

I must add a word of caution about some of the shared experiences, these were traumatic to people involved but can be to the reader too. It is best to discuss these with family and friends.

May the book merit a great audience and be a blessing to the Christian community and beyond.

Customer Reviews

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