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Esther: The God Who Is Silent Is Still Sovereign Second Edition - eBook

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This second edition of Esther is more user friendly, providing spaces for written answers to the Discussion Starters.  In addition, Chapter 9, "A Puzzling Interlude," is added to answer the question:  Why did God want this seemingly secular account in the Canon?  Ezra provides the answer.

Dr. Norm De Jong does it again, and his venerable experience as a professor and minister continues to shine through in this compact study of Esther. Debunking popular ideas about the book, he skillfully guides the reader through an Esther-specific literary-theological analysis—yet comparing Scripture with Scripture—that uncovers true and creative insights. His engaging prose arouses irresistible curiosity as to the suspense, purpose and meaning of this unique book of the Bible—one that contains no direct reference to “God” but distinctively proclaims Good News. De Jong reveals such not only with respect to the unexpected and surprising workings of Divine providence for God’s people in dark captivity back then, but also for the church living in a pitch-black culture on this side of the Cross. Discussion questions follow each chapter to facilitate a reader’s or group’s mindful processing and heartfelt appropriation of each movement in this enthralling episode of Redemptive History.

H. David SchuringaTh.M., Ph.D.
Christian Renewal Magazine, Contributor
North Star Ministry Consultants LLC


Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: E-Books

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