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Bible Studies in Daniel

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This study begins with a relatively brief but quite thorough general introduction to the book of Daniel, covering its author, its place in history, and its major themes. Rev. Piersma gives clear emphasis to the theme of the Antithesis between the kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of God. This valuable guide helps the student to understand this well-known but often misunderstood book of the Old Testament by clearly explaining the first six historical chapters and the last six prophetic chapters.

After the introduction, Rev. Piersma moves into twelve study lessons, each one consisting of an outline of the basic teachings of one of the twelve chapters in Daniel. Each lesson includes discussion questions that are intended to have the student think about and apply the truths that were brought out in the outline.

Paperback, 80 pages

Author: John H. Piersma
Type: Books - Paperback

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