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1960-08 January Torch Trumpet Digital - Volume 9, Issue 8

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Newly Fallen Snow (poem) Bertha Prince Vander Ark 2

Our Magazine - 1960 - and You Rev. Edward Heerema 3

Toss Out the World Layman? Rev. Henry J. Kuiper 4

Dr. George Stob on Infallibility - A Report Rev. Joseph A. Hill 5

Comment by Rev. Joseph A. Hill on Dr. George Stob’s Lecture 8

 The Sermon on the Mount (Fourth Installment, Bible Lessons)  Rev. Henry Vander Kam 9

Why Organize our Women’s Societies? Evelyn Meppelink 15

Teeners’ Corner (Movies that Smell) Dr. Leonard Greenway 16

January (poem) Bertha Prince Vander Ark 17

First Reactions to a Recent Lecture Rev. Henry J. Kuiper 18

The Calvin Jubilee at Frankfurt, Germany Dr. Fred Klooster 20

Book Reviews 22

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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