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2023-02 Outlook March AprilDigital Volume 73 Issue 2

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Glorious Expectations
Mr. Cornelius Van Kempen

Ditching My Smartphone  4
Pastor Shane Lems

A Letter to Single Ladies  7 
Mrs. Annemarieke Ryskamp

Christ Forsaken!  9
Dr. Joel R. Beeke

The Church Order Articles 3 and 4  11
Rev. Greg Lubbers

Meet Yourself  14
Rev. Peter Holtvlüwer

The Reformed Alternative: Embracing the Absolute Kingship of Christ  17 
Rev. Doug Barnes

A Question of Identity: Highlight on Prison Ministry  19
Mrs. Hope Staal

Why You Should Care About Catechisms  22
Rev. William Boekestein

The God of All Comfort  24
Rev. William Boekestein

Renouncing Our Understanding: The Walloon Articles of 1693  26
Mr. Michael Kearney

Soup and Sandwiches  29

The Blessing of Christian Friendship  30
Rev. Steve Swets

Books for Pastors  34
Mr. David Vandermeer

Book Reviews  36
Rev. Jerome Julien and Mrs. Vanessa Le

Did You Know? 

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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