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2022-02 Outlook March April Digital Volume 72 Issue 2

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The Cross the Emblem of Love 
Mr. Cornelius VanKempen  3

I Am Afraid of Your Love 
Rev. James Sinke  4

A Message from the Holy Spirit  
Mrs. Annemarieke Ryskamp  6

Momentary Marriage and Immanuel Eternity 
Mrs. Vanessa Le  8

Alle roem is uitgesloten: A Calvinistic Hymn on God’s Love 
Mr. Michael R. Kearney  10

Office Bearers in the Church: The Duties of the Office (2) 
Rev. Greg Lubbers  12

I Didn’t Know How Difficult It Would Be 
Pastor Anoud T. Vergunst  16

What Is an Apologist? (Part 2) 
Rev. William Boekestein  19

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity  
Rev. Casey Freswick  22

William Bates (1625–1699): A Forgotten Puritan 
Dr. Joel R. Beeke  24

Timeless Truths Selected Reading 
Edited by Rev. Jerome Julien  26

Lessons My Father Taught Me 
Dr. Joel R. Beeke  32

Book Reviews 
Rev. Jerome Julien  36

Did You Know? 
Submitted by the Editor  38


Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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