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2021-03 Outlook May/June Digital Volume 71 Issue 3

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Home Schooling
Mr. Cornelius VanKempen 3

Is Reformed Biblical Counseling For or Against Psychology?
Dr. Jeff Doll & Dr. Brendan Looyenga 4

Should We Pray Imprecatory Prayers?  
Dr. Norman De Jong 8

On Parenting: Who Exactly is the Savior? 
Mrs. Vanessa Le 11

God’s Catechism - Jonah 4:1–11 (10)
Rev. William Boekestein 14

How Should We Then Live?
Mrs. Annemarieke Ryskamp 18

Preparing for Persecution  
Mrs. Elisabeth Bloechl 22

Themes in James: Directions for Repentance and Avoiding Slander
Mr. Gerry Wisz 25

A Friendship Forum: Young Voices in the Global Church 
Mr. Michael Kearney 27

Government Authority
Mr. Dave Vander Meer 31

Book Reviews
Rev. Jerome Julien 3

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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