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2019-1-January February-Outlook-Digital - Volume 69 Issue 1

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In a Few Words Dr. Warren Lammers 3

The Grace of Satisfaction (3) 4

Six Practical Pieces of Advice Regarding Our Tongues Rev. Brian G. Najapfour 8

Faith and Fruit in a Post-Christian World: Hospitality Mr. Michael R. Kearney 9

End Times and the Kingdom of God (11) Rev. William Boekestein 12

The Book of Esther (2) Dr. Norm DeJong 16

Why We Work Mrs. Elisabeth Bloechl 22

Turning the Reformed Church Outward: The Potential for Side-Doors Growth (3) Rev. Bill De Jong 25

IRBC’s Third Step of Counseling: Evangelizing the Lost (Part 2) (17) Dr. Jeff Doll 28

Why Evening Service is Good for You Rev. Phillip Stoffregen 33

Amazing Grace Review Mrs. Elisabeth Hankins 37

A Colorful Past Review Rev. Phillip Stoffregen 38

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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