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2016-5 September October Outlook Digital - Volume 66 Issue 5

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“I Am the Gate for the Sheep”    

Rev. Steve Swets  

Let Them Hear Them (5)     

Rev. Daniel Hyde

The Dangers of Neglecting the Assembly 

(or, See You on Sunday!)

Rev. Shane Lems

Bible Study on Ezra

Dr. Norm DeJong

Luther: 499

Mr. David Vandermeer

Book Reviews

Rev. William Boekestein

Rev. Jerome Julien

The Concerns of IRBC’s Founding Elders 

Should Be Reflective of Our Own (3)

Dr. Jeff Doll

Archaeology: Friend or Foe of Biblical History? 

Rev. R. Andrew Compton

The Unsung Benefits of a Cappella Worship

Mr. Michael Kearney

The Tongue Small, Yet Great (4)

Rev. Brian G. Najapfour

RYS Annual Convention

Mr. Myron Rau

Convention 2016: Salt Life

Miss Cambrie Atsma

RYS Youth Convention

Mr. Kees Kiledjian

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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