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2014-5 Sept Oct Outlook Digital - Volume 64 Issue 5

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Blessed Assurance     
Rev. Wybren Oord    
This meditation focuses upon the assurance of our salvation as rediscovered during the Reformation.

The Outlook on the Psalm Proposal    
Mr. Michael Kearney    
Mr. Kearney writes about the Psalm section of the URCNA
Proposed Songbook.

Do We Have an Open Bible?    
Rev. Wybren Oord    
The role of the creeds and confessions within the church.

The Historical Necessity for Creeds and Confessions of Faith (1)    
Dr. James Edward McGoldrick    
In part one of this two-part series, Dr. McGoldrick traces the history of our creeds and confessions and their necessity in the church.

Bible Study on Mark    
Rev. William Boekestein    
Rev. Boekestein continues his Bible study on the Gospel of Mark.
Lesson 3: The Kingdom Comes, Mark 1:14–45.
Lesson 4: Jesus Clashes with Religious “Experts,” (Mark 2:1–3:6

The Trouble with Ministers (2)    
Rev. Wybren Oord    
Rev. Oord looks at two problems that often lead to a minister being deposed from office.

What to Look for in a Future Husband     
Rev. Michael J. Schout    
In letter format, Rev. Schout looks at the qualities a woman should look for in a husband.

RYS Convention 2014     
Miss Anne Karsten    
After attending this years Reformed Youth Service convention,
Miss Karsten submits an informative overview.

Report on the RYS    
Miss Rachel Vroom    
Miss Vroom writes about her experience at this years Reformed Youth Service convention.

The Angel of the Lord (1)    
Dr. Harry Arnold    
Dr. Arnold presents his study of the phrase “The Angel of the Lord” in part one of this three-part series.
Johannes Wollebius    
Dr. Mark J. Larson    
Dr. Larson writes about Johannes Wollebius and his defense of
true religion.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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