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    *Excludes the Life in Christ catechism series.


2012-2 Mar-April Outlook Digital - Volume 62 Issue 2

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What Happened? – Matthew 27:54 
Rev. Wybren Oord writes about the events associated with the crucified Christ.

Rev. James Admiraal explores the mysterious character of Melchizedek.

Thriving Under God’s Discipline 
Rev. W. Boekestein offers a wonderful article on the positive aspects
of discipline.

Bible Study on Romans 
The next two lessons in the series:                
Lesson 7 – Objections Answered, Romans 3:1–20                
Lesson 8 – But Now! Romans 3:21–31

The Eternal Sabbath 
Rev. Ryan McGraw shows us how the Sabbath points forward to the glories
of heaven.
A Look at the New URCNA Songbook  
1. A Fly on the Wall by Mrs. Denise Marcusse                
2. Oh Praise Ye the Name of Jehovah by Mrs. Sheila Yypma

Wisdom from Proverbs                 
Two sisters present their articles on verses from the Book of Proverbs.

Book Reviews 
Four books for children are reviewed by Rev Wybren Oord.

Little One Lost: The Hole in My Heart 
The first chapter of Little One Lost: Living with Early Infant Loss, an upcoming book written by Glenda Mathes.

Sacred Bond: What is Covenant Theology, and
Why Should I Care? 

The first half of the introductory chapter of Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored, a forthcoming book by Michael G. Brown and Zachary R. Keele.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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