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2011-5-Sept Oct Outlook Digital - Volume 61 Issue 5

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Listening to God 
Having trouble hearing the voice of God?  In this meditation Rev. Wybren Oord offers some suggestions as to how to hear God speaking.

Should We Have Christian Schools? 
Are Christian schools worth the expense?
Rev. Steve Swets explains why Christian schools are a vital part of our Christian heritage. 

Looking Above 
Rev. Brian Vos continues his study of the book of Revelation. 
In this issue, he focuses on Revelation 15:2 and those who stand on the Sea of Crystal.

Reformed Youth Services 2011 Convention 
Two young people provide their perspective of the convention.
A Young Peoples’ Sponsor gives an overview of the RYS Convention.

Bible Study on Romans 
Rev. Wybren Oord begins a Bible study on the Book of Romans.
Lesson 1 – An Introduction                         
Lesson 2 – The Desire of Every Preacher (1)

The Nicene Creed 
Rev. J. Roets explains the history of the Nicene Creed in this second part of his series on the creeds of the church.

Dr. Bavinck the Dogmatician:
Bavinck’s Interpretation of Creation in Genesis (2)        
Dr. Cornelis Venema continues his explanation of Dr. Bavinck’s view of creation.

Federal Vision: A Canadian Reformed Pastor’s Perspective (2) 
Dr. Wes Bredenhof presents the second installment of his view of Federal Vision and how it affects the church.

Latter Day Saints: A Summary and Evaluation of Mormonism (3)      
Rev. S. Lems concludes his Summary on the teaching of the Mormon church.

Small Changes Can Be Big Differences 
Mrs. S. Ypma takes a second look at changes made in the proposed songbook of the URCNA.

Popular Misuses of Scripture (3) 
Rev. Nollie Malabuyo finishes the magazine with a look at how Jeremiah 29:11
is often misinterpreted by many people today.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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