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    *Excludes the Life in Christ catechism series.


2011-2 Mar April Outlook Digital - Volume 61 Issue 2

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Meditation: The Lamb as Shepherd 
Rev. Wybren Oord continues his meditations based on The Lamb of God as found in the book of Revelation.

Instruction in the Faith—Some Pages from the Past 
In celebration of sixty years of publication, The Outlook offers this article by Dr. P. Y. De Jong, first published in the July/August 1968 issue of The Outlook.

Teaching the Catechism 
Rev. J. Roets explains how parents must support teachers in catechetical training.

Practical Tips for Learning the Catechism 
Mrs. Simonetta Carr offers some very helpful advice on how to instruct our children in the learning of the catechism.

Bible Studies on Abraham (Part 15 & 16) 
Rev. Wybren Oord. offers the next two lessons in the life of Abraham.
• Lesson 15 – Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar (2)
• Lesson 16 – The Ultimate Test or The End of Laughter

Latter Day Saints: A Summary and Evaluation of Mormonism (2) 
Rev. Shane Lems compares the theology of Mormonism with historic Christianity.

Book Review: Christians Get Depressed Too 
Dr. Jeff Doll reviews a book by Dr. David Murray on the balance between counseling and medication in the treatment of depression.

Looking Above: A Series on the Revelation of Jesus Christ 
In his continues study of the Book of Revelation, Rev. Vos offers an explanation of the everlasting gospel.

URCNA Hymnbook Proposal: Gender-neutral Language? 
Mrs. Sheila Ypma introduces a series of articles that will look at some of the changes in the proposed hymnal of the URCNA.

Our Prince and Savior, His Kingdom and Ambassadors 
Dr. Mark J. Larson shows how the kingship and ascension of Christ have a continuing witness today through preachers.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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