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    *Excludes the life in christ catechism series.


2010-5 Sept-Oct Outlook Digital - Volume 60 Issue 5

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The Wrath of the Lamb  
What happens to those who refuse to acknowledge the Lamb who sits upon the throne? Rev. Oord looks at Revelation 6:16, 17.

Christian Unity (5) 
Rev. Bill Boekestein concludes his series on church unity by providing a very encouraging example of how unity can work within the church of Jesus Christ.

The Exclusive Goal of Christian Education 
As the new school year begins, Rev. Greg Lubbers  explains what the goal of Christian education must be.

Bible Studies on Abraham (4: Genesis Part 9 & 10) 
Rev. Oord continues this series with two more lessons on Abraham.
Lesson 9 – The Covenant (Part 3)
Lesson 10 – As for You…

Psalm Singing in Calvin and the Puritans (2) 
Dr. Beeke finishes up his article from the last half of the first chapter from his new book Sing a New Song.

Review of the URCNA Synod 2010  
1. Mr. Myron Rau provides a brief outline of the events that took place at the URCNA Synod.
2. Dr. Visscher of the Canadian Reformed Churches offers his perspective on the events that took place at the URCNA Synod and the relationship between the two federations.
3. Rev. Wybren Oord addresses two key issues within the URCNA with which Synod 2010 struggled.

Review of the Heritage Reformed Synod 

The Reformation in Italy 
Mrs. Simonetta Carr describes how the Reformation came to Italy and how the church responded to it.

A Site to Behold 
Mr. Jim Oord directs us to www.therebelution.com. Here you will discover how “The Rebelution” is challenging teenagers (and indeed all of us) to take a stand and get out there and live out our Christian life.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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