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2010-3 May June Outlook Digital - Volume 60 Issue 3

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The Grand Farewell 
How necessary for the risen Lord to return to His exalted state! Rev. W. Oord presents a brief meditation on the ascension of our Lord.

You Shall Be My Witnesses 
What should the response be of those who witnessed the events surrounding the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ?  What should our response be? Rev. W. Oord writes about the effect of the Holy Spirit in the lives of God’s witnesses.

Christian Unity (3) 
Rev. Bill Boekestein explains how the triune God can work unity within His church.

Bible Studies on Abraham (2) 
This issue continues a Bible study on the life of the great patriarch, Abraham.

Meeting Jesus At The Feast (2) 
Dr. John Sittema has written a book on the feasts of the Old Testament.
In this issue, we publish the second half of chapter 1 in which Dr. Sittema considers the meaning of the Sabbath Day.

The Glory of God (1) 
In this two part series, Dr. Mark Karlberg gives suggestions as to how God brings glory to Himself through His creation. This month, Dr. Karlberg considers the way God has revealed Himself to His creation.

This is My Outlook 
Mr. Nick Lindemulder comments on a great and dangerous worldview that has crept into the church.

Bavinck the Dogmatician (11) 
Dr. Cornelis Venema considers the doctrine of the covenant as taught by Dr. Bavinck.

A Site to Behold 
Mr. Jim Oord explains how to access complete historical writings by John Calvin, Augustine, Athanasius, Luther, and many more historical authors both famous and obscure.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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