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2010-1-Jan Feb Outlook Digital - Volume 60 Issue 1

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You Have Never Been This Way Before
Rev. Oord takes the words Joshua spoke to the Israelites before     
they entered the Promised Land and applies them to entering the new decade.

Dear Readers
The General Manager provides an update on The Outlook and also details plans of the board’s decision to change to a bimonthly publication.

Your Minister Needs Your Prayers
Want to give something to your minister that will truly help him in 2010? Rev. Roets offers a suggestion.

Christian Unity: Why Should I Care?
Rev. Bill Boekestein begins a series of articles on the topic of
church unity. This month he highlights its overall importance.

The Lost One Thousand Years
There are many ideas being taught about the last days.
Rev. Malabuyo explains the Reformed view of the end times.

Bible Studies in Ruth
Lesson 9: Ruth–Redemption Assured
Lesson 10: The Levirate Laws
Lesson 11: Ruth–The Ultimate Philanthropist
Lesson 12: A Genealogy of Grace and Hope for the Future

Jesus at the Feast
Dr. John Sittema introduces a series on the feasts of the Old Testament

A Site to Behold; Good Reformed Websites
Mr. Jim Oord supplies links and comments on worthwhile Reformed websites to visit.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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