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2009-11-Outlook December Digital - Volume 59 Issue 11

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The Absolute Best Miracle Ever 
Rev. Wybren Oord presents a meditation on the greatest miracle     
of Christmas.

Calvin on Scripture 
Reprinted from September 1959, this article by Dr. L. Praamsma focuses our attention to John Calvin’s view of the Holy Scriptures.

Bible Studies on the Book of Ruth 
Rev. L. Charles Jackson presents the next two lessons of his Bible Study
of the Book of Ruth.

Christ as King: God Rules Through His Royal Servants  
Rev. Talman Wagenmaker finishes his series on the offices of the Christ and how we are to apply those offices to ourselves as Christians.

Happy Birthday, John Calvin 
Finishing up a year of celebrating the anniversary of John Calvin’s birth,  Rev. W. Oord summarizes the basic tenet of the Reformed faith.

Looking for Devotions for 2010? 
Considering what to read for devotions in 2010? Here are some ideas to help the family get started.

Index of 2009, Volume LVIX 

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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