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    *Excludes the life in christ catechism series.


2009-06-June Outlook Digital - Volume 59 Issue 6

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The Ark of the Covenant 
This month, Rev. Wybren Oord continues his series of meditations on the furniture in the tabernacle, looking at the ark of the covenant.

Faithfulness to God 
Mr. Ryan Biese writes about the faithfulness of God as prolclaimed by the psalmist in Psalm 89.

John Calvin (Part 1) 
In the first of two articles, Dr. James McGoldrick writes about the spiritual aspect of John Calvin both in his life and in his teaching.

Bible Studies on Judges 
Mr. James Oord concludes his study on the book of Judges.

Lovers of God Rather than Lovers of Pleasure (Part 1) 
Rev. Jacques Roets begins a brief series of articles on a Christian’s approach to pleasure in this entertainment culture.

A Cry for the Cry Room 
Rev. Michael Brown looks at the purpose of the Cry Room.

Looking Above 
In this continuing series on Revelation, Rev Brian Vos writes about God’s protection of His church in the wilderness.

When Ordinary is Exceptional 
Dr. D. G. Hart and Mr. J. R. Muether consider the Reformed style of worship in this ongoing series about the consequences of Protestantism.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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