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2009-05-May Outlook Digital - Volume 59 Issue 5

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The Courage to Pray
Rev. Wybren Oord looks at the reason why we are able to come before God in prayer.

Filled With the Spirit on Pentecost
As a former Pentecostal, Rev. Daniel Hyde writes about how Reformed churches can “get in the Spirit” at Pentecost.

Press Release
The Combined Church Order Committee of the CanRC and the URCNA met together to discuss feedback from the conferences held to discuss the Proposed Joint Church Order.

This is My Outlook
The editor of The Outlook comments on one of the Committee’s

Calvin and Modern Subjectivism
Reprinted from the September 1959 issue of Torch and Trumpet, Dr. C. Van Til writes about John Calvin and subjectivism.

Bible Studies on Judges
Mr. James Oord continues to provide studies of this Old Testament book.

The Good Life
Dr. D. G. Hart and Mr. J. R. Muether write about views of sanctification.

Bavinck the Dogmatician (7)
Dr. Cornel Venema outlines the ability to know God as held by Dr. Bavinck.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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