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2009-04-April Outlook Digital - Volume 59 Issue 4

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Behold Your King 
Rev. Daniel Hyde presents a meditation for Palm Sunday.

For Whom Did Christ Die? 
Rev. Jacques Roets explains how Scripture clearly teaches the doctrine
of limited atonement.

Paul’s Doctrine of Salvation 
Dr. Mark J. Larson considers Paul’s view of salvation and the response each believer has toward the free gift of God’s grace.

Judges 15, 16 - Bible Study 
In this Bible Study, Mr. James Oord considers the effectiveness of Samson
as judge over Israel.  

Calvin and His Contributions to the Reformation 
Reprinted from the July/August 1964 issue of the Torch & Trumpet as part of Calvin 500, this article by Dr. Louis Praamsma gives an overview of Calvin’s contribution to the Reformation.

Looking Above 
Rev. Brian Vos continues his study of the difficult passages of the
book of Revelation.  

The Crux of the Reformation 
Dr. D. Hart and Mr. J. Muether write about the significance and
importance of the doctrine of justification.

Book Review 
Rev. Jerome Julien reviews the book: From House to House: Articles
and Helps for Beginning Elders.

God’s People, My Parish 
Rev. Art Besteman illustrates the expressions of gratitude for salvation wrought for us by Christ, especially during this season.

Pax Vobiscum (Peace be with you) 
An excerpt from the book Drummond’s Addresses written by Prof. Henry Drummond and published in 1883.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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