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2008-07-July Aug Outlook Digital - Volume 58 Issue 7

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The Golden Candlestick 3
In his series on the furniture in the tabernacle, Rev. Wybren Oord looks
at the symbolism of the golden candlestick.

Essay Contest Winners
John Withee - First Prize - High School 6

Romans 9 and God’s Sovereign Grace
Jason Berkenpas - First Prize - College 8

Contending for God’s Word
Greg Lubbers - Second Prize - Adult 12

“Have It Your Way” Syndrome
Glenda Mathes - First Prize - Adult 16

Morning Star
Examining the Nine Points - The Third Point 21

Dr. R. S. Clark explores the implications of the third statement of the
“Nine Points” adopted by the URCNA Synod of 2007 Press Releases
URCNA Songbook Committee 24

URCNA/CanRC Joint Songbook Committee 25

URCNA - Classis Michigan 26

URCNA - Classis Southwest US 26

This Is My Outlook 27

Looking Above 28
Rev. Brian Vos writes about the last trumpet to be sounded as he
explains Revelation 11:15-19.

In Memoriam: Mrs. Genevieve Piersma 31

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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