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2008-06-June Outlook Digital - Volume 58 Issue 6

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Christ the Builder 3
Rev. Shane Lems looks at the words Jesus speaks to Paul in Acts 18 as
encouragement for the church.

The Table of Showbread 6
In his series on the furniture in the tabernacle, Rev. Wybren H. Oord
examines the significance of the bread upon the Table of Showbread.

Earthquakes: Signs of the Times 9
Rev. Johan Tangelder draws upon a frightening experience to recall
the handiwork of God in the events throughout this creation.

Looking Above 13
Rev. Brian Vos writes about the death and life of the church as he
explains Revelation 11:7-14.

Examining the Nine Points - The Second Point 16
Dr. R. S. Clark explores the implications of the second statement of
the “Nine Points” adopted by the URCNA Synod of 2007.

It’s Decision Time 19
How will those opposed to women in ecclestical offices respond to
women delegates at the 2008 Synod of the CRC? Mr. Mark Vander
Pol offers an overview of the history of this debate as well as the need
for the CRC to become united over this issue.

This is My Outlook 28
Rev. Gerald Dodds takes a look at the minister’s library.

Alexander Comrie 29
Mr. Nicolaas Van Dam writes about a leader in the Nadere Reformatie.

From the Editor 30

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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