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2008-05-May Outlook Digital - Volume 58 Issue 5

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Our Song of Return 3
Mr. Matt Nuiver offers as a meditation a look at Psalm 126.

The Bronze Laver 6
Rev. Wybren H. Oord examines another article of furniture found in the
tabernacle in the wilderness.

Bavinck the Dogmatician (II) 8
Dr. Cornelis Venema continues to write about Dr. Bavinck’s approach
to dogmatics.

Bible Studies on Joseph and Judah 13
Rev. Mark Vander Hart concludes his Bible Study on the last section
of the Book of Genesis. This month Israel moves to Egypt.

Looking Above 19
Rev. Brian Vos provides the next installment of his series on the book
of Revelation by looking at Revelation 11:5-6.

Examining the Nine Points - The First Point 22
Dr. R. S. Clark explores the implications of the first statement of the
“Nine Points” adopted by the URCNA Synod of 2007.

The Character of the Church’s Creeds (II) 26
In light of recent discussions about the Form of Subscription,
Reformed Fellowship offers this republication of the second of two
articles by Dr. Louis Praamsma originally published in the October
1963 issue of Torch and Trumpet.

Book Reviews 29

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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