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2007-11-Dec Outlook Digital - Volume 57 Issue 11

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Why a King Failed 3
In this meditation, Rev. Oord looks at an ancient prophecy given to a
king and how that prophecy changed the world.

Looking Out and About 5

What is Reformed Worship (VII) 6
Rev. Hyde continues his series on Reformed worship, focusing upon
the liturgical aspect of our meeting with God.

Bible Studies on Joseph and Judah 10
Rev. Mark Vander Hart continues his Bible Study on the last section
of the Book of Genesis.

The Tenth Plague: The Sound of the Final Note 16
Rev. Mark Stromberg brings to conclusion the battle between
Jehovah and Pharaoh in this article about the tenth plague.

Book Review 19
Before beginning his next project for The Outlook, Dr. C. Venema
reviews Dr. James DeJong’s book, H. J. Kuiper: Shaping the Christian
Reformed Church, 1907-1962.

Index 2007 26

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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