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2007-10-Nov Outlook Digital - Volume 57 Issue 10

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A Fruit of the Spirit 3
In this meditation, Rev. Oord addresses a need within each individual
that can only properly take place through the Holy Spirit.

What is Reformed Worship (VI) 5
Rev. Hyde continues his series on Reformed worship, focusing upon
the joyful aspect of our meeting with God.

The Atonement and Jehovah’s Witnesses 8
Mr. B. Boekestein explains the heresy of the Jehovah Witnesses’ view
of the atonement.

Looking Out and About 12

Bible Studies on Joseph and Judah 13
Rev. Mark Vander Hart presents a Bible Study on the last section of
the Book of Genesis.

Suffering on the Journey 19
Dr. Mark Larson looks at the suffering of Paul and compares it with
the suffering of today’s believer.

Discovering God in Suffering 22
Rev.Shane Lems reviews the theology of Martin Luther, as Luther
finds God, not through reason, but the cross.

Looking Above: The Measuring of the Temple 26
Rev. Brian Vos continues his series on Revelation. This week, he
looks at the significance of the measuring of the Temple of God.

Celebrating the Life of the Dead 29
Mr. Myron Rau identifies a change that has been taking place in many
funeral services.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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