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2007-08-Sept Outlook Digital - Volume 57 Issue 8

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The Man on the Right 3
In this meditation, Rev. Oord writes about the benefits given to the
church because our King and Ruler is Jesus Christ.

What is Reformed Worship (IV) 4
Rev. Hyde continues his series on Reformed worship, focusing upon
the evangelical aspect of our meeting with God.

This, The Rhythm of My Soul 7
Rev. St. John offers this poem for consideration.

The Eighth Plague: The Destruction of Egypt 8
Rev. Mark Stromberg explains how God reveals His sovereignty over
all of Egypt by means of this plague.

Bible Studies of Joseph and Judah 11
Rev. Mark Vander Hart continues his way through the Book of
Genesis in this first Bible Study on the life of Joseph.

Reports of Synods 17

Canadian Reformed Churches in North America 17

35th General Assembly of the PCA 23

United Reformed Churches in North America 24

The Elephant in the Room 29
Rev. Wybren Oord gives his review of Synod 2007 of the United
Reformed Churches in North America.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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