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2007-07-Jul Aug Outlook Digital - Volume 57 Issue 7

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Everything is Achan 3
What lead to the sin of Achan? In this meditation, Rev. Oord writes
about the sin of one of the first to enter in to the Promised Land.

What is Reformed Worship (III) 5
Rev. Hyde continues his series on Reformed worship, focusing upon
the covenental aspect of our meeting with God.

The Seventh Plague: God Employs the Firmament 9
Rev. Stromberg explains how the beginning of the next series of
plagues illustrates the sovereignty of the true God.

Dr. Wentsel: Pastor, Theologian, Author, Apologist 12
Rev. Johan Tangelder looks at the life of a man whose influence in the
Reformed churches has not yet been fully felt.

Looking Above: The Fifth Trumpet 16
We hear so much today about wars and rumors of wars. Rev. B. Vos
explains their meaning as the sixth trumpet of Revelation is opened.

Longing for Salvation Restored 20
Psalm 137 is a Psalm of lament and sorrow. In this article, Mr. Steve
Swets explains the sorrow, promise and judgment found therein.

A Christian Response to Physician-Assisted Suicide 22
Mr. R. Andrew Compton discusses a very delicate subject that is
becoming more and more acceptable within Christian circles.

Looking Out and About 26

Book Review: A Biblical Case for Natural Law 27
Mr. Matthew Tuininga reviews Dr. David VanDrunen’s latest book.

URCNA Classes Reports 29

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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