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2007-01-Jan Outlook Digital - Volume 57 Issue 1

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Habakkuk’s Challenge 3
Rev. Oord presents a challenge for the year 2007.

The Ten Plagues: An Introduction to the Conflict 5
Rev. Stromberg introduces what will prove to be an excellent series of
articles on the ten plagues of Exodus.

Looking Above 8
Rev. B. Vos looks at Chapter 7 of Revelation to that glorious promise
given to the redeemed, that God shall tabernacle with His people.

Bible Studies on Jacob 13
Rev. Vander Hart supplies readers with his next installment of studies
on the life of this Patriarch.

The Holiness of God 19
Winning Second Place in the College Division of The Outlook’s Essay
Contest, Miss Monica Rubingh presents an essay on The Holiness of

Press Release of the Combined Meeting for the Publication of the Book of

Praise (CanRC) and the Psalter Hymnal (URCNA) 22

Reformed Youth Services National Convention 24
Mr. Ed De Graaf, Director of RYS, gives a review of the RYS National
Convention held at Covenant College this past summer and gives a

preview to upcoming speakers for the 2007 Convention 24

Ashley Hoekman follows up Mr. De Graaf’s article by giving us the view
of one of the youth at the convention 25

The New Testament Evidence Regarding Paedocommunion (IV) 28
Dr. Cornelis Venema looks at John 6 in light of the sacrament and who
may participate in it.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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