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2006-10-Nov Outlook Digital - Volume 56 Issue 10

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Breadwinner Blessings.............................................................. 3
As the United States celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday, Rev. Kevin
Hossink offers a meditation of praise to God.
Can We Welcome Muslims as Fellow Believers in the One God? 5
Rev. Johan Tangelder responds to a question that is often asked in an age
of religious pluralism.

Reformed Education: A Doubtful Future 8
In his second article, Mr. Kloosterman considers the future of
Reformed Christian schools.

True Worship, Out Response to Grace 11
Dr. Mark Larson looks at the main reason why we worship.

Bernardus Smytegelt 8
Mr. Nicolaas Van Dam introduces readers to another reformer from the

Bible Studies on Jacob: Lessons 3&4 13

The New Testament Evidence Regarding Paedocommunion (IV) 21
Dr. Cornelis Venema continues looking at the New Testament for
evidence regarding paedocommunion.

Book Review: Hope for the Southern World 24

Looking Above 25
Rev. Brian Vos ponders the differences and the similarities of the
144,000 and the Great Multitude of Revelation 7.

The Idols of India 29
Winner of this years Essay Contest, Miss Abigail Barr gives an
analysis and critique of church resignations.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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