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2006-08-Sep Outlook Digital - Volume 56 Issue 8

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God Binds His Covenant 3
Mr. Boekestein writes about the responsibility of being in the covenant.

Baptism (IV) 6
Rev. Stromberg concludes his series on baptism by explaining it as a sign
and seal instituted by Christ.

Looking Above 9
Rev. B. Vos explains the meaning of the 144,000.

Bible Studies on Jacob 13
Rev. Vander Hart begins the Bible Study Season with two studies on the
life of Jacob. The Outlook plans to provide two Bible Studies each month
on the life of Jacob.

We Confess 20
Rev. Hyde explains Article 36 of the Belgic Confession.

A New Breed of Conservatives 23
Rev. Freswick evaluates the decisions of the 2006 Synod of the
Christian Reformed Church.

The New Testament Evidence Regarding Paedocommunion (I) 29
Having looked at the Old Testament evidence regarding the participation
of children at covenant observances, Dr. Venema begins to review New
Testament evidence.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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