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2006-07-JulAug Outlook Digital - Volume 56 Issue 7

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City of Love 3
Rev. Wieske considers the calling of the church in this world.

Preaching the Saints 5
Mr. Miller writes about the proper way to preach the example of the saints.

Baptism (III) 9
Rev. Stromberg asks if children should be baptized.

We Confess 12
Rev. Hyde explains Article 35 of the Belgic Confession.

Looking Above 16
Rev. B. Vos explains the meaning of the five angels in Revelation 7.
The Old Testament Evidence Regarding the Participation of Children in

Covenant Observances (III) 20
Dr. Cornelis Venema continues his series on paedocommunion.

Classis Reports URCNA
Classis Central US 25

Classis Michigan 26

Classis Southwest US 27

Looking Out and About 28

Seminary Commencement Exercises
Westminster Seminary California 28

Mid-America Reformed Seminary 29

The Incarnate Word From God 30
Rev. M. Larson writes about the greatest revelation from God.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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