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2006-04-Apr Outlook Digital - Volume 56 Issue 4

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A Victorious Message 3
Rev. Oord writes a meditation about an incredible message that began
one Sunday morning in Jerusalem.

Why Crucify, Why Not Stone? 4
Dr. David H. Linden writes about why the Jews would not stone
Jesus, and how that worked right into the plans of God.

We Confess 8
Rev. Hyde looks at Article 32 of the Belgic Confession, which focuses
attention on the need for a Church Order.

Celebrating the Lord’s Day (I) 11
Rev. Johan Tangelder considers the importance of the Sabbath rest and
how the Sabbath became the Lord’s Day.

Looking Above 16
Rev. Brian Vos explains the four horsemen of the apocalypse from
Revelation 6.

God’s Salivation from Eternity to Eternity (II) 20
Mr. Dow Haan finishes his synopsis of the Order of Salvation in the
second of this two part series of articles.

The Incarnate Word of God 24
Dr. M. Larson writes about the most significant revelation God has
given us.

Old Testament Evidence Regarding Paedocommunion (I) 26
Dr. Cornelis Venema looks at paedocommunion in light of Old Testament

Looking Out and About 31

Resurrection Song 31

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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