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2006-03-Mar Outlook Digital - Volume 56 Issue 3

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A Divinely Appointed Judge Saves a Devastated People 3
Seminarian Andre Holsleg offers a meditation about how quickly one
generation can fall away.

We Confess 8
Rev. Daniel Hyde looks at Article 31 of the Belgic Confession, which
speaks of the calling of ministers in the church.

Looking Out and About 11

Looking Above 12
Rev. Brian Vos explains the meaning of the songs in Revelation 5.

God’s Salivation from Eternity to Eternity (I) 14
Mr. Dow Haan gives a synopsis of the Order of Salvation in this two part
series of articles.
United Reformed Churches in North America Classis Reports

Classis Southwest United States 18

Classis Central United States 19

Classis Michigan 20

Classis Western Canada Summary Report 21
A Historical Overview of the Reformed Church in Hungry Under

Communist Destruction: 1948-1989 22
Dr. Perrezlenyi reports on the effects communism had in the Church.

Gisbertus Voetius 26
Mr. Nicholas Van Dam gives a brief biography of Gisbertus Voetius.

Paedocommunion and the Reformed Confessions (III) 27
Dr. Cornelis Venema looks at how paedocommunion stands up against
our confessions.

This is My Outlook 31

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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