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2006-02-Feb Outlook Digital - Volume 56 Issue 2

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Law or Love 3
Rev. Pontier considers two important elements in the Christian life.

We Confess 5
Rev. Hyde looks at Article 30 of the Belgic Confession, which speaks
of the marks of the true church.

Press Release of the Joint Song Book Committees 9

True Enlightenment 11
Dr. Larson writes about the way in which we can gain true knowledge.

Family Visiting: Notes and Observations 12
Mr. Lems offers some good advice to Elders about Family Visiting.

Postmodern Liberalism: Repainting a Non-Christian Faith (II) 16
Rev. Freswick gives an evangelical critique of Rob Bell’s book Velvet
Elvis and uses it as an example of the ‘emerging church’ movement.

Looking Above 21
Rev. Vos offers an interpretation of the songs in revelation 5.

Mission Trinidad 24
Miss Mulder relates how DVBS in Trinidad has affected her Christian

Paedocommunion and the Reformed Confessions (II) 26
Dr. Cornelis Venema looks at how paedocommunion stands up
against our confessions.

This Is My Outlook 30
Rev. Oord writes about the controversies that arise within the church.

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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