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    *Excludes the life in christ catechism series.


2000-09-October Outlook Digital - Volume 50 Issue 9

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Church of the Living Dead  Rev. David Feddes

Guardians of God’s Possessions: Managing Money Wisely to Free Resources for the Kingdom  Harry and Jeanette Nagel

Sola Scriptura  Rev. Paul Settle

Pollution – A Deeper Dimension  Mrs. Laurie Vanden Heuvel

Making an Impact on Others  Rev. Gary Cox

What’s the Attraction?  Mrs. Shirley W. Madany

Soul in the Balance  Mr. Cal Thomas

Covenant Ties  Susan Hunt

A Call to Encourage  Dr. John Sittema

The Doctrine of Justification (V): Can a Lonely Faith Justify? The Teaching of James (Part B) Dr. Cornelis P. Venema

Heinrich Bullinger: Christian Confessor  Dr. W. Robert Godfrey

Book Briefs October 2000


Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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