1997-02-February Outlook Digital - Volume 47 Issue 2


Is it the Lord’s Day? Jan Groenendyk

The Two Essentials of Pastoral Labor (II)  John Armstrong

Too Many People Say They Are Too Busy  Gary Cox

Many Churches Evade Responsibility for the Poor  Cal Thomas

Applause in Worship  John Stapert

Hold Your Applause: Sound theology is sometimes as simple as good manners  William Smith

Music in the Church (III): Make Melody in your Heart  Laurie Vanden Heuvel

Who Will Teach “Ref Doc”?  Norman De Jong

The Hungarian Reformed Church after the “Black Death” of Communism  E.A. Pereszlenyi

Building Men of God (II) John R. Sittema

Israel and the Church: Evaluating Dispensationalism (II)  Cornelis P. Venema

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Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital