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    *Excludes the life in christ catechism series.


1995-06-June Outlook Digital - Volume 45 Issue 6

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The Truth Will Set You Free! C. James den Dulk

Prison Ministry Holds a Solid Reformed Position: Christian Education for Prisoners

“As for Me and My Household, We Will...” Jan Groenendyk

Agenda for Synod 1995 James Admiraal

Letters to the Editors Harry De Moor

Dan Brouwer Responds Dan Brouwer

Women at Work: The Liberated Woman

Homosexuality and the “Slippery Slope” Argument Revisited Cornelis P. Venema

Why Prohibit Same-Sex Unions? Jack Haberer

Smoking: A Pastoral Blind Spot John R. Sittema

Sola Scriptura (I) W. Robert Godfrey

Church & World

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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