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1994-02-February Outlook Digital - Volume 44 Issue 2

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Women, the Bible, and the Church  Joel H. Nederhood   3

Whatever Happened to Office?  Daryl G. Hart   7

Do We Need Ministers?  W. Robert Godfrey   12

International Council of Reformed Churches  Jelle Tuininga   13

Report and Reaction  Geoffrey Vanden Heuvel   16

The Bible and the Future: "The Intermediate State" (I)  Cornelis P. Venema   17

Ministry to Older Members of the Church (3): More Time for Service to the King  John R. Sittema   20

Letter to Editors and Response   22

Sociology Without Theology: But Jesus was Insistent that His Word 'Cannot Be Broken'  Joel Belz   23

Mid-America's Relocation Campaign: the Opportunity of a Lifetime  Gregory Eddings   24

Pilgrim Among Pagans Bible Studies

Index 1993  Jerome Julien

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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