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1993-10-November Outlook Digital - Volume 43 Issue 10

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Praise Under Pressure (Psalm 56)  Thomas Vanden Heuvel   3

Counseling Parents Accused of Sexual Abuse by Their Children  Norman De Jong   4

Prostitution: A Modest but Thoroughly Reformed Proposal  Professor I.M. Free   8

Abortion: Choice or Murder? (II)  Barb Habers   10

The Dynamics of Prayer  Mlen-Too Wesley   11

Congress and the Family  Charles Donovan   12

Gays, Lesbians and the Newsroom  Cal Thomas    15

Democracy  W. Robert Godfrey   16

The Bible and the Future: Preparing the Way for the Coming of the Lord  Cornelis P. Venema   17

Ministry to the Older Members of the Church (1): Pastoring in the Nursing Home  John R. Sittema   21

New Books   23

Letter to the Editor and Response   24

Pilgrims Among Pagans Bible Studies

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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