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    *Excludes the life in christ catechism series.


1960-09 February Torch Trumpet Digital - Volume 9, Issue 9

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Use and Misuse of “Matthew 18” Rev. Henry J. Kuiper 3

Love and Sentiment Rev. John C. Miller 5

Without Creation No Education Mr. Walter A. De Jong 7

The Sermon on the Mount (Fifth Installment, Bible Lessons) Tev. Henry Vander Kam 9

The Reformed Faith in Korea Rev. Theodore Hard 15

”The Unity and Disunity of the Church” A Review of Dr. Bromiley’s Book by Rev. Peter De Jong 17

The Status of Calvinism in Australia and It’s Prospects Rev. Robert Stanton, Dr. Leon Morris, Dr. Klaas Runia 21

The Reader Writes (Suggestions for Family Worship) Mrs. Ray Grissen 23

Book Reviews 24

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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