1961-08 January Torch Trumpet Digital - Volume 10, Issue 8


Once More: The Threshold Rev. Edward Heerema 3

Pointed Paragraphs 4

Post-Election Musings Rev. Chris Huissen 7

Pray for Jerusalem’s Peace Rev. Corneal Holtrop 8

Poem Mr. Simon Walburg 9

Teeners Corner Which Girl Shall I Marry? Rev. Leonard Greenway 9

The Financial Problem of our Christian Schools Rev. H.J. Kuiper 10

Sermonette A Fool and His Money Rev. Lambertus Mulder 12

Christian Schools Service, Inc. Mr. John van Mouwerik 13

The Book of Amos Rev. Henry Vander Kam 15

Book Reviews 20 


Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital