1959-06 November Torch Trumpet Digital - Volume 9, Issue 6


Are God’s People Grateful?  Rein Leetsma  3

The Decline of Good Reading  A.W. Tozer, editor of Alliance Witness   4

How Can We Improve Our Family Altars?  Henry J. Kuiper   5

Calvin’s Conception of the Church  R.B. Kuiper   7

What About Today’s Young People?  Leonard Greenway   12

The Sermon on the Mount (Second Installment, Bible Lessons)  Henry Vander Kam  13

Annual Conviction of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies  Wendell H. Rooks   19

The Reader Writes - The Threat to Freedom  Stanley Rooda   21

The Covenant of Grace andOur Christian (II)  Edward Heerema   22

Book Reviews   26


Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital