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    *Excludes the Life in Christ catechism series.


1959-04 September Torch Trumpet Digital - Volume 9, Issue 4

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The Idol of Power  Rein Leetsma   3

Calvin on Scripture  L. Praasma   4

Synod's Decisions on Infallibility  Henry J. Kuiper   7

On Being Reformed and Christian  Paul G. Schrotenboer   12

Calvin and Modern Subjectivism  Cornelius Van Til   14

The Status and Prospects of Calvinism in South Africa  Prof. S. du Toit

The Religious Situation in Australia  Dick C. Bouma   19

Daane's Theology  Earl E. Zetterholm   20

In Reply to Dr. Daane  Henry J. Kuiper   21

Book Reviews   21


Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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