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    *Excludes the Life in Christ catechism series.


1958-03 July August Torch Trumpet Digital - Volume 8, Issue 3

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Poem: Memories  Josie Pangborn   2

A Social Code for Young Teenagers and Their Parents  Edward Heerema   3

Ye Fathers!  Leonard Greenway   5

The Teeners' Corner  Peter Pavitt Palmer   6

Occupation...Housewife and Mother  Peter Pavitt Palmer   7

A Typical Buddhist Home  Gladys Schuring   9

First Reactions to Synod's Decisions on Nigeria  Henry J. Kuiper   12

The Time Element in Genesis 1 and 2  Oswald T. Allis   16

Evangelical Responsibility  Cornelius Van Til   19

Eyes To See and Ear To Hear  Ethel Hoekstra   21

The Christian Medical Society  Everett Van Reken   23

Book Reviews   24


Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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