1957-5 October Torch Trumpet Digital - Volume 7, Issue 5


Poem: "A Priceless Treasure"  Bertha Prince Vander Ark   2

Saints (Devotional Studies in Ephesians) Leonard Greenway   3

Timely Topics  Henry J. Kuiper   4

Pastoral Care in the Christian Reformed Church  Edward Heerema   6

As Our Women See It  Joanne De Jong   9

The Wheaton Position on Inspiration  The Wheaton Faculty   10

An Evaluation of 'The Wheaton Position on Inspiration'  Anthony A. Hoekema   12

The Inescapable Cross  Earl E. Zetterholm   17

Outlines on the Doctrine of Last Things  William Hendriksen   20

Book Review  Earl E. Zetterholm   23

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital