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1953-06 Feb Mar Torch Trumpet Digital - Volume 2, Issue 6

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To Our Readers   1

Note to a Seminary Professor   2

A Reformed Seminary in China  Issac C. Jen   8

Growing Need!  Bernard J. Haan   10

Thumbs Down on a Sour Antithesis  John Vriend   13

Road to Modernism - Signposts!  Henry R. Van Til   14

Unity in the Universe  John De Vries   16

We Live by Faith  Alexander C. De Jong   19

Christians Social Action on the Continent  F. P. Fuykschot   20

The Need for Constant Improvement  Henry A. Bruinsma   23

Book Reviews   24

The Christian Social Conference  F.P. Fuykschot   28

Simplicity  Johannes G. Vos   29

Index: Volume 2   32

Author: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
Type: Digital

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